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Starlight Destinations are visitable places characterised by excellent quality for the contemplation of starry skies and the practice of tourist activities based on this resource. The Starlight Tourism Certification System was created with the aim of encouraging, at world-wide level, the improvement of the quality of tourist experiences and the protection of the night skies in Starlight Destinations.The Starlight Certification seeks to guarantee the capacity to enjoy the view of the stars and...

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The scientific dimension of a starry night is an essential part of the legacy of the sky. The ability of the planet’s astronomical sites and observatories to detect and interpret data from outside the world we live in should be considered as a resource of extraordinary value for the progress of knowledge, as it has been throughout history. Dark skies are still the windows to our knowledge of the greater Universe. Unfortunately current areas devoted to astronomical observation do not enjoy ap...

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A Starlight Reserve is a site where a commitment to defend the night sky quality and the access to starlight has been established. Its main function will be to preserve the quality of the night sky and its associate values, whether they are cultural, scientific, astronomical, natural, or landscape-related. A Starlight Reserve will have a core or dark zone. This is an unpolluted area where natural night sky light conditions are kept intact. This core zone will be protected by a buffer or prote...

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A StarPark is a window to the firmament that each community voluntarily designates to enjoy the starry night sky. Its function is to claim and secure the right to starlight, especially for future generations.
Just as communities designate areas for recreation, sport, the enjoyment of nature or silence, these same sites and others can be places where the starry sky is enjoyed. A StarPark is an oasis that each community designates for stargazing/observing, a site where to learn under the st...
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18May 2011

STARMUS is the first popular festival linking the many disciplines in astronomy and the space sciences. World famous scientists and astronauts will gather at the Spring Equinox in a media event to promote the science of astronomy and its discoveries. For the first time ever we shall hear music made from the real sounds of celestial bodies.

Backed by several international scientific institutions and organizations (IAC-Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, IAU-Insternational Astronomical Union, Starlight Initiative, Gran Telescopio Canarias), and under the patronage of UNESCO, the Festival will celebrate astronomy during five days of recreational and informative activities in a popular, appealing and dynamic way. Astrophotography, space-art exhibitions, documentaries, star parties, talks and conferences are some the endless activities that will delight music fans and astronomy aficionados alike. A stellar cast of musicians, including the band Tangerine Dream and Brian May will give a concert at the Magma Arts & Congress Hall.





starmus1 starmus3
armstrongFrancisco Sánchez (Director of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias), Astronaut Neil Armstrong and Cipriano Marín (Coordinator of the Starlight Initiative).

starmus4Garik Islaelian (Director and

brainchild of the Starmus Festival) and Alexei Leonov

(Russian Cosmonaut).



Starlight Concert: Sonic Universe


24 June - 21:00h, MAGMA Arts & Congress Hall

Great painters, photographers, actors, writers and dancers have honoured Tangerine Dream for the inspiration for their own work they got from listening to the music of TD. Tangerine Dream’s reputation in the world of music, their vast experience and professionalism has reserved them already a place within the gallery of remarkable artists out of the last four decades.

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