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International Initiative in Defence of the Quality of the Night Sky as Mankind’s Scientific, Cultural and Environmental Heritage

International Workshop on Light Pollution - Antofagasta


Atacama Desert Museum, Antofagasta. August 2-4, 2010



The participants of the International Workshop on Light Pollution held between February and August 4, 2010, meeting in Antofagasta, Chile, together with representatives of ESO (European Southern Observatory), Municipality of Antofagasta, OPCC (Office for the Protection of the Quality of the Skies of Northern Chile), OTPC (Sky Quality Protection Technical Office, Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias - IAC), StarLight Initiative (in partnership with UNESCO-MaB), AURA (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy), CARSO (Carnegie Institution of Washington), University of Hawaii, CieloBuio, ISTIL (Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute, Italy), IDA (International Dark Sky Association) Institute of Astronomy, Universidad Catolica del Norte, ILAV (Light, Environment and Vision Research Institute), AURA, and the National Astronomical Observatory (University of Chile),Recalling the resolutions and recommendations of the First International Conference on Light Pollution (La Serena, 2003) and of XXXVI Symposium of Spanish Committee of Illumination;

Taking into account the resolution 7 of the Starlight International Declaration (La Palma, 2007) which says: “Public administrations, the lighting industry, and decisionmakers should also ensure that all users of artificial light do so responsibly as part of an integral part of planning and energy sustainability policies, which should be supported by light pollution measuring, both from the ground and from space.”;

Recognizing the guidelines set forth during the International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009 - IAU-UNESCO) regarding the need for dark skies for the development of astronomy, and their importance for nature conservation highlighted in this International Year of Biodiversity (2010);

Given the need to act consistently to defend the quality of the night skies as a most important scientific, cultural, environmental and tourist resource...

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The Starlight Initiative is designed as an international action in defence of the values associated with the night sky and the general right to observe the stars. It is open to the participation of all scientific, cultural, environmental, and citizens' organizations...

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